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Westcoast Contemporary Home

Tudor Exterior Front

Located in Victoria, in its prestigious Ten Mile Point neighbourhood, this luxurious home captures all the things you love about Island living - the serenity of the outdoors, natural living, and family - without compromising on elegance. ​ This seven-bedroom home was custom-built for a family of five - two parents, their two sons, and their beloved dog. While space was a very important factor when designing this home, the family didn't want to lose their intimacy. The open-concept design allows for the family to live comfortably, without feeling isolated - and it gives their beloved pet lots of room to stay active indoors! Natural lights fills the entire structure as it finds a natural fitting within the greenery that surrounds it - a complementary existence. ​ This 6800 square-foot home captures the essence of our work at Ion Properties. It provides a true home for its residents, and is a reflection of the environment and time in which it was built - a way in which it will stay tasteful and timeless.

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